Commercial Pest Control In Summerlin, NV

Let us protect your Summerlin business from pests and the problems they cause.

Customized Commercial Pest Control For Your Las Vegas Business

Few things turn customers away from your Las Vegas business faster than seeing an insect scurrying through your merchandise or a rodent running across your showroom floor. You’ve worked hard to build your brand, and you don’t want your reputation ruined due to a pest infestation in Las Vegas. At Vantage Pest Control, we know that your time is extremely valuable. Allow us to provide our expertise in unsurpassed Las Vegas pest control so that you can focus on your core competencies. After all, our mission is to make you look good.

What To Expect From Our Commercial Services

Our custom-tailored approach to Las Vegas pest control provides the proper protection for your office building, warehouse, apartment complex, school, retail store, or restaurant. We have the passion and expertise to take pest problems off your hands so you can focus on what will make your business grow.

Our commercial services require an in-person inspection of your facilities and property. We’ll begin outside to look for:

  • Access points
  • Areas of moisture
  • Breeding sites
  • Landscaping that touches your buildings
  • Debris in the yard
  • Webs and nests
  • Access points into your structures
  • Valve boxes

When we complete our inspection of the exterior of your property, we’ll move indoors to identify any active or potential pest problems inside. We’ll look for:

We use the findings of our inspection to customize a treatment plan that solves your business’s pest control problems. Once this plan is drawn up and agreed upon, we’ll begin the treatment process. Commercial facilities typically receive monthly or bi-monthly services to remain protected throughout the year.

Facilities We Service


Considering the size and space available in a warehouse, it’s no wonder that pests find them attractive locations to infest. Let Vantage Pest Control stop pests from moving into your warehouse facility with our commercial services.

Storage Facilities

Part of running a storage facility is ensuring the items you store are secure and safe from damage. Don’t let pests get inside and ruin your customers’ belongings. Vantage Pest Control has the services you need.

Apartment/Multi-Family Housing

Few things can spread through a building as fast as a pest infestation. If you manage an apartment building, good pest control is essential. Vantage Pest Control provides the services you need to keep your buildings pest-free.


It’s very important in the hospitality industry to make a good impression. That is not possible if pests are active in your business. Keep pests out and your reputation intact with the help of Vantage Pest Control.

Office Buildings

Keeping your office building pest-free leads to less wear and tear and happier, healthier employees. Both of those things lead to less money out of your pocket. Vantage Pest Control will keep your office free of pests.

Property Management/HOA

Keeping shared spaces within your HOA free of pests is important for the well-being of the neighborhood. It also increases property values. Let Vantage Pest Control provide the services you’re looking for.

Reasons To Choose Vantage Pest Control

Personalized Service

Vantage Pest Control treats you to the service you deserve. We personalize our service and treatments to meet your business’s unique needs.

Thorough Treatments

From our first inspection, through the initial treatment and to each follow-up visit, we provide thorough, detailed treatments to protect your business from pests.

Local Expertise

As a local business with technicians who have lived in Las Vegas their whole lives, Vantage Pest Control knows how to eliminate local pests.

Quality Pest Protection For Your Commercial Property

Every good business owner knows that the key to success is being able to delegate. If your property needs pest control, delegating that responsibility to Vantage Pest Control is the smart choice. Our friendly and experienced technicians offer reliable service that is fully customized to solve your business’s unique pest problems. For quality pest control in the Las Vegas area that will protect your business and allow you to focus on the parts of your job you excel at, contact Vantage Pest Control today.
What Our Customers Are Saying
Scott Zuhse

Chad is always punctual with his scheduled time slot visit. Provides updates each visit on if traps have been hit or not. Always provides additional service upon request such as treating an influx of ants. With past exterminator, scorpion sightings were frequent. At this writing and with Chad’s service, they are nonexistent.

Highly recommend Vantage Pest Control!

Scott Zuhse
Talon LLC

Very professional, friendly, local company that cares about their customers. Will continue to refer to my friends, family and other businesses.

Talon LLC

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