Mice In Las Vegas: Signs, Struggles, And Solutions

Mice In Las Vegas: Signs, Struggles, And Solutions

How much do you know about mice? Do you know that they can climb almost as well as Spiderman? Do you know that they hop when they run through the grass and can spring more than a foot in the air? Do you know that even the fattest mouse can squeeze through a gap the width of a nickel? All of these unique and wonderful traits make it hard to keep mice out of Las Vegas homes. Once they get in, they can cause trouble in many ways, but you might not realize you're having trouble with mice. Join us as we look at how sneaky a mouse will behave in your home, how to detect a mouse infestation, why mice are terrible houseguests, and what works to get rid of mice. When you're done, you won't be a mouse expert, but you'll be pretty darn close. If you don't have an interest in being a mouse control pro, don't worry. You can just hop over to our contact page and reach out to us. Vantage Pest Control provides expert advice and industry-leading solutions for rodent pest control in Las Vegas. We'll help you sort those mice out.

Tell-Tale Signs Of A Mouse Infestation In Your Home

When Las Vegas residents hear mouse noises in their walls, that is usually when we get a call. But mice rarely make detectible noises. You can have mice climbing all around inside your home and have no idea you have a mouse infestation. It is best to catch mice before you hear them in your walls. What are the signs that you have a mouse infestation? You may know some of them already. But you're sure to pick up a few things here that you don't know yet.

  • Droppings. Mouse droppings are black, tapered on the ends, and a little smaller than grains of rice. Look for their waste at the backs of kitchen drawers, cabinets, and food storage shelves. Look behind appliances and stored boxes. Check on top of your attic insulation. Mice leave their droppings in all the places they explore. If you have droppings, you definitely have mice, particularly if the droppings you find are black. Old droppings turn gray and are crumbly.  
  • Mouse prints. When a mouse crawls on shelves with food debris or on dusty storage room floors, you may see their little footprints. These prints are tiny and you may notice that the front paw marks have four toes and the back paw marks have five toes.  
  • Grease marks. Mice tend to have greasy fur. They also tend to run with one side touching a wall. Put these together and they provide a clue of mouse activity. Look for grease marks on baseboards, stored boxes, or pipes.
  • Small holes in building materials. A mouse will make a tiny, nickel-sized hole to move from a wall void to a foraging location, such as a pantry or kitchen. Look near the floor for these holes.
  • Holes in food packaging. Mice are likely to make tiny holes in your food packages. They don't need a hole large enough to fit through. All they need is enough of a hole to pull the food out.
  • Damaged items in storage. Mice damage many items put in storage. They can do quite a number on a couch or chair cushion, clothing, paper products, and cardboard boxes. They'll damage stored items to gather materials to create nests.
  • Hidden nests. While a mouse can create a home inside a couch cushion or a mattress, they're more likely to remove the stuffing and create a soft nest inside a wood source. It makes them feel like they're creating a nest in a hollowed-out tree knot. Look for their nests in the drawers of stored furniture or the wood recesses in your attic.

Okay. Let's say you used these tips and you've found evidence of mice in your Las Vegas home. Is it a big deal? After all, how much of a problem can a little house mouse cause?  

Why Mice In Your House Can Be So Problematic

House mice are incredibly troublesome pests. Some of the ways they cause trouble are obvious and need little explanation. But there are some dangers that many Las Vegas residents don't realize.

  • All of that damage is bad. You know this. That is the reason most people get professional rodent control. Mice damage your home and your stored items in ways that are sometimes irreparable.
  • It isn't good to have mice leaving droppings around in your home. You know this. What you might not know is that mice often get into ventilation ducts. When they leave droppings in ducts, their waste dries up, breaks apart, and turns into airborne particulates. These can cause respiratory issues as mice are known to spread Hantavirus.
  • Mice chew on wires in wall voids and other hidden places. If a live wire is cut, it can spark into a house fire and present a serious threat to your family's safety and well-being.
  • Mice are furry animals, so just like a dog or cat, they can pick up ticks and fleas. Both of these pests are known to transmit diseases to humans, but ticks are definitely the worst. They spread Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, tularemia, anaplasmosis, and more.
  • Mice spread invisible organisms. When a mouse looks for a meal in a trash bin, it can pick up harmful bacteria and carry these microorganisms in its fur. In your home, a mouse can contaminate counters, dishes, stored foods, and more.

Do you see the problem? Mice are tiny rodents, but definitely not a tiny threat to health. It is best to catch those mice and get them out of your home. Unfortunately, catching mice isn't easy. Perhaps you've tried.

Why Aren't Traps Enough To Keep Mice Out Of My House?

There are many ways to control mice and remove them from a home. The tried-and-true method is to apply traps. But traps aren't easy to deploy. They're also not a complete solution. Why aren't traps enough to get mice out and keep them out?

  • You can remove mice continually and never run out of mice to remove. Mice are prolific breeders. They can create offspring faster than you can get rid of them.
  • While you get rid of the mice in your home, more can enter to replace the mice you've captured. You have to seal your exterior. One way to do this is to apply a foam sealant for mice. You can get these in cans or pick up a caulking gun and some silicon caulking material.
  • It is sometimes hard to find every hole a mouse can use to get inside, so it is often necessary to apply deterrent methods to reduce rodent activity or apply control products to manage populations.
  • Mice are equipped with strong teeth that can chew through building materials. Routine inspections are needed to catch and address areas mice are targeting. Unfortunately, life gets busy and it is easy to put routine inspections on the back shelf.

The bottom line is that mouse control is a complicated process that requires dedicated effort and a complete strategy. What works best to get this level of control?

The Key To Total Mouse Control For Las Vegas Homes

If you live in Las Vegas, contact Vantage Pest Control for rodent control. We use a multi-pronged strategy to locate mouse activity, evaluate conducive conditions, trap mice, and exclude mice from your home. It is a scientific process that includes professional inspections to ensure that no mice remain inside your home when your service is done. We also provide critical information about your home and the rodent pressures found. There are many ways you can work to keep mice out by applying home maintenance, sanitation, habitat modifications, etc. We give you a broad picture and provide you with the tools to get sustained control of Las Vegas mice.

It is easy to order mouse control products online and lay down a few traps. Unfortunately, these rarely provide any control for mice and lead to ongoing mouse problems, continued damage, and health issues.

When you get Vantage Pest Control, you get results. Navigate to our contact page and tell us about your rodent control problem. It only takes a moment. When you're done, we'll reach out to you and schedule a service visit. Your technician will inspect your home, make suggestions, and customize your mouse control services to meet your needs. We know that one size does not fit all, and some Las Vegas residents are concerned about the well-being of the mice that have invaded their homes. We are sensitive to this and will only use products you approve. And if you request exclusion work, your technician will apply wire mesh, netting, and professional-grade caulking to key areas where mice are known to infiltrate, such as moisture points. Connect with us today, we're here to help you with all of your pest concerns.  

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