A Handy Spider Prevention Guide For Las Vegas Homeowners

February 28, 2023

Vantage Pest Control is the number one solution for homeowners concerning pest control in Las Vegas.

We’ve compiled some handy information that can help you identify a spider infestation, as well as the best steps to take after the fact. Keeping spiders out of your home to begin with is the most important step in steering clear of infestations.

Common Types Of Spiders Found In Las Vegas

Spiders in Nevada can get pretty big, mean, and scary! The hot, dry temperatures and desert backdrop make the perfect stomping grounds for a large variety of spiders. They range from spiders large enough to prey on small birds to those small enough to make a grain of salt look big by comparison.

Here are a few of the usual suspects lurking around town:

  • Wolf spiders
  • Black widow
  • Hobo spiders
  • Orbweavers

As you can see, spiders in this part of the country can be quite varied, and some are known all over the world. A few are even venomous! Thankfully, common house spiders along the West coast tend to be nonvenomous spiders, but there’s quite a roster of these creepy critters to be mindful of.

Most Spiders Bite; Some Bites Are More Dangerous Than Others

As you’ve seen, there are many types of spiders. Most local spiders that you’ll encounter indoors are (hopefully) harmless and won’t cause you much more than a bit of a scare when you flip the light switch on.

Some spiders are legitimately dangerous to you and anyone in the home. Spiders can be venomous and, when threatened, have no issues piercing human skin. While certainly not humanity’s biggest worry when it comes to creepy crawlers that can cause us harm, spiders are certainly very high on that list.

Five Environmentally-Friendly Spider Prevention Tips For Your Home

Here are five fast tips to help keep spiders away from your home – and they’re all environmentally friendly:

  1. Make sure cracks and crevices in the walls and ceilings are sealed. Spiders are small enough to use them as doorways into your home.
  2. Mind how many lights you have on – spiders don’t have amazing eyesight, especially at a distance, but they are quite sensitive to light. They also know that light tends to equate to heat, and thus a great place to stay. Keep excess lights, especially porch lights, off at night so as not to attract spiders.
  3. Do laundry often – spiders are very, very common outside. They have no trouble gripping onto our clothes and hitching a ride indoors this way. Make sure you do laundry often to avoid the possibility entirely.
  4. Get rid of hiding places, such as clutter. Spiders know that light usually means a source of heat, but they will tend to hide just out of sight, behind or inside something that provides shade and camouflage. The more of these items you remove, the better your chances of keeping spiders away.
  5. Use a peppermint and water mixture. Spiders do not appear to enjoy this scent at all!

While a true infestation will require professional intervention, these tips can help you stay ahead of the game in keeping your home free from spiders.

Professional Pest Control Makes For The Best Spider Control

Vantage Pest Control is the number one solution for residents of Las Vegas in need of rescue from a spider infestation. We utilize the latest and most effective techniques to ensure that your home is totally free and clear of invasive squatters, such as spiders and other insects. Call us today to get started on removing these unwanted pests.

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