Rat Control 101: A Complete Guide For Las Vegas Property Owners

February 28, 2023

When it comes to your Las Vegas property, the last thing you want to deal with is a rat infestation. Whether it be your own home, Airbnb rental, or guesthouse, having rats around is dangerous to your health and property. We understand the difficulties and confusion that can come if you’ve never dealt with rats. Perhaps you don’t know just how bad the situation can be.

In this blog, we cover the basics of rat control, the danger they pose to your health and property, how to stop attracting them, and why hiring pest control in Las Vegas is the best way to get rid of them.

How To Identify A Rat

Rats are a part of the rodent family and are particularly good at hiding. They’re also mostly nocturnal, coming out at night to feast on the food crumbs you’ve left on the floor. Finding rats around your home can prove difficult if you have a normal schedule and sleep at night. If you do come across a rat, you must know how to identify it. Some key rat identification features include the following:

  • Rats are typically anywhere from 6 to 9 ½ inches long, depending on the species.
  • They are usually brown, with interspersed black hairs. They also normally have a white or gray underside.
  • Norway rats have long bodies with small eyes and ears, while roof rats have thin bodies with large eyes, ears, and scaly tails.
  • Norway rats prefer lower regions of the home, such as basements, while roof rats prefer the upper parts of buildings.

Sometimes it can be hard to know which pest you’re dealing with, but these identifiers are a great place to start.

Rats Can Damage Property And Spread Dangerous Diseases

We all know that rats are an annoyance and, to some, are quite scary. However, there are more serious risks to living with a rat infestation in your home.

Rats play host to many bacteria and pathogens, being the scavenging creatures they are. They can easily spread these to your home, contaminate your food, and more. The diseases rats carry and can transfer to you, and your loved ones are also a cause for concern.

Some diseases rats carry include salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, cowpox fever, jaundice, trichinosis, and more. When rats infest your food sources, they can spread bacteria and diseases through their droppings and even cause food poisoning. Rat droppings are something to look for when searching for signs of a rat infestation.

Rats can also carry fleas and ticks, bringing them into your home and infecting you and your pets.

Beyond health risks, rats can also destroy quite a bit of your property, costing you a lot in home repairs. One place that rats often find themselves is inside your walls. They often burrow themselves in the insulation to keep warm and hide away. If this happens, it’s important to get pest control to the scene immediately. Unchecked, rats in the walls can get to your electrical wires and chew on them, creating a fire risk.

In addition to hiding in your walls, rats can also hang out in your basement or attic and chew up any important pictures, papers, etc., that you store there. They can also gnaw on wood trim with their ever-growing teeth and leave greasy fur stains all over your walls.

How To Remove Factors That Attract Rats

Removing factors that attract rats into your home is the first step to getting rid of them. Some of these factors will attract all sorts of pests, so implementing them is important even if you don’t have rats. Some simple steps to prevent rats include the following:

  • Seal any holes or cracks around the foundation, attic, crawl space, and basement.
  • Store food in proper food storage with tight lids.
  • Clean up any messes in places where eating occurs. Also, clean your dishes regularly and take out the trash at least once or twice a week.
  • Screen any vents in your house.
  • Remove moisture accumulation by using dehumidifiers and fixing any leaky pipes.
  • Store firewood away from your house, at least 20 feet.

These helpful tips will help deter rats from entering your peaceful home.

Professional Rodent Control Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Rats

While rat prevention tips are helpful, and you should conduct them whether you have a rat problem or not, they won’t help you get rid of a current rat infestation. When it comes to rats, hiring Vantage Pest Control for our rodent control services is your best bet if you want to get rid of rats completely. If you’re facing a rat problem, don’t wait for them to continue breeding in your home: call us today for easy solutions.

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