Spider Control 101: Getting Rid Of Spider In Las Vegas

March 30, 2023

Las Vegas is home to many types of spiders. The spiders in this area can look scary, but only a few are dangerous. If you don't know whether or not you have a dangerous spider in your home, Vantage Pest Control is here to help. We are a locally-owned company that provides pest control in Las Vegas and know how to identify and safely remove all of the spiders from your home.

Common Spider Species In Las Vegas

There are many spiders commonly found in Las Vegas homes. However, only two of them pose a serious health risk to humans. Here is a look at some of the spiders that you are most likely to encounter if you live in this area:

  • Cellar spider: This type of spider is also known as a "daddy long-legs" because of its incredibly long legs. It has a slender and long body and extremely thin legs that can measure over an inch long. The cellar spider likes dark and damp places. They usually frequent cellars, which is how they got their name.
  • Desert brown recluse spider: This brown spider can be lethal if it bites you. It has harmful venom that is poisonous to humans. The desert brown recluse spider has a light brown body and legs about 1/2 an inch long. It also has a dark marking that resembles a violin.
  • Jumping spiders: These spiders may look scary, but they are actually quite harmless. There are several species of jumping spiders in Las Vegas, and they can come in a wide range of colors, including black, red, gray, white, yellow, or brown. They are usually small and have fine hair covering their bodies.
  • Black widow spiders: The black widow spider is the only other dangerous spider in the Las Vegas area. Female black widows are more dangerous than males. The female black widow has a shiny black body that is round with a bright red marking on the abdomen shaped like an hourglass.

All of the spiders on this list are capable of biting. But most are not aggressive and will only bite if they feel threatened. However, if you believe a brown recluse or a black widow has bitten you, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Why Spiders Invade Homes

Like all animals, spiders need food, water, and a safe place to live in order to survive. If they think they can get that from your home, they will do their best to come inside.

Spiders like to eat other insects. They will eat ants, crickets, beetles, cockroaches, and other small insects. If you see an increased amount of spiders in your home, it could mean you have some sort of insect infestation as well.

These creepy bugs also like moist and damp areas. If you have a leaky pipe in your house or a room that is constantly humid and damp, you could start seeing a lot of spiders roaming around.

Six Simple Tips To Prevent Spiders In Your Home

If you want to keep spiders out of your home, you can try these six easy steps to keep them away:

  1. Don't leave stacks of firewood near your house.
  2. Keep your home and garage clutter-free.
  3. Keep the grass in your yard cut short.
  4. Keep food crumbs off the floor and countertops to avoid attracting insects.
  5. Fix any leaky faucets or pipes that you may have around your house.
  6. Make sure that there are no cracks or gaps around your home.

If a spider comes into your house, it will stay as long as they have a reliable food and water source. If you want to keep spiders out of your home, you need to make sure they cannot access food and water.

Professional Pest Control Is A Great Spider Control Solution

The best way to keep spiders out of your Las Vegas home is to have a professional inspect and treat your property. At Vantage Pest Control, we understand the unique behaviors and habits of the spiders commonly found in this area, which enables us to devise a precise elimination plan that will get rid of the spiders for good. Call today to get your free estimate!

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