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Clark County pest control is an absolute necessity for home and business owners in Mountain's Edge. This lovely planned community has thousands of pests that call it home, ranging from frustrating ant colonies to less-than-welcome cockroaches. Even though the Mountain's Edge community isn't close to the major city of Las Vegas, many of the concerns related to pests remain the same.

In order to combat the rise and spread of serious pest activity, we encourage Mountain's Edge property owners to secure professional pest management services from the experts at Vantage Pest Control. Backed by years of experience and an airtight guarantee, we promise to make your pest concerns a thing of the past, or your money back!

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Residential Pest Control In Mountain's Edge

Homeowners all over Mountain's Edge trust Vantage Pest Control with their year-round pest management and protection. Our comprehensive approach to pest control includes interior and exterior treatments, as well as ongoing maintenance to keep your home free of pests all year long. We proudly offer winter pest management that stops off-season pests in their tracks, as well as specialty services designed to protect what matters most to you.

Some of the most common residential pests we control in Mountain's Edge include:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Earwigs
  • And more!

Call today for more information related to our residential pest control services. Help is on the way!

Commercial Pest Control In Mountain's Edge

Your Mountain's Edge business is not the only local establishment suffering from a commercial pest infestation, even though it may feel like it. Rodents, roaches, and ants make it difficult to serve clients to the best of your ability, while threats of property damage and food contamination always linger in the background.

If you're worried about the potential of pest infestation in your business, look no further than the professional guidance of Vantage Pest Control. With years of experience and available emergency and same-day services, we strive to deliver solutions that meet a wide variety of industries.

We serve businesses with our three stages of commercial pest control services:

  • Initial inspection of the property and interior building
  • Application of targeted treatments and products
  • Follow-up from professionally trained technicians

Get started on a commercial pest control plan today by calling Vantage Pest Control at your earliest convenience.

Five Fast & Effective Ant Control Tips For Mountain's Edge Property Owners

Ants should never be entertained around your Mountain's Edge home. Not only are these insects some of the least desirable invaders of lawns and gardens, but their ability to bud into multiple new colonies will keep your property from truly becoming ant-free.

The best way to keep far away from ant infestations in Mountain's Edge is to follow some professionally vetted ant control tips. Here are some fast and effective tips to try:

  • Eliminate water sources both outdoors and inside. Check for leaky faucets, dripping pipes, and areas of standing water that may attract ants.
  • Seal all cracks and gaps around the home to ensure proper protection. Use silicone-based caulk, weatherstripping, and other exclusion materials to keep ants outside.
  • Clean up all food crumbs and spills. Ants are in search of even the smallest bit of food, so be sure to thoroughly clean up anything they might find to eat.
  • Keep trash cans covered with tight-fitting lids and remove trash from your home regularly.
  • Keep pet food securely stored and make sure not to leave any pet food out where it will attract ants.

If you're still worried about the possibility of an ant infestation, turn to the professionals at Vantage Pest Control for identification, treatment, and mitigation. Our programs are sure to reduce your current populations while simultaneously defending against future invasions.

Get rid of ants in Mountain's Edge by contacting Vantage Pest Control for effective ant control services.

What Mountain's Edge Property Owners Ought To Know About Cockroach Dangers

There are plenty of reasons to be disgusted by cockroaches. These nocturnal scavengers travel through sewage, garbage, and other unpleasant areas just for a chance to settle in your home, leaving behind a path of destruction and disease.

Many Mountain's Edge property owners are unfamiliar with the real dangers of this common pest. Despite what you may initially believe, roaches are easily some of the most unsafe insects in all of Nevada. In fact:

  • Cockroaches breed extremely fast, laying up to 50 eggs per capsule.
  • Cockroaches spread more than a dozen diseases to both people and pets.
  • Cockroaches have the potential to contaminate both food and water sources.

It's clear that cockroaches pose a serious threat to public health in Mountain's Edge. To stop these pests from taking over your home or business, turn to the knowledgeable professionals at Vantage Pest Control for help. Our cockroach control programs are reliable and effective, protecting you and your property from the dangers cockroaches can bring.

A Handy Guide To Bed Bug Prevention For Mountains Edge Property Owners

Bed bugs are more common than you might think, and once they get into your Mountains Edge home, they are not likely to leave without a fight. Anyone who has dealt with bed bugs in the past can tell you that it is far easier to avoid bed bugs in the first place than to try to eliminate them from your home. Keep bed bug infestations out of your bedroom with these prevention tips:

  • Keep your bags off the floor when traveling or in public places.
  • Wash and dry your belongings on high heat when returning home from a trip.
  • Use protective bed bug-proof covers on mattresses.
  • Regularly vacuum your floor as well as furniture, mattresses, and box springs.
  • Avoid second-hand furniture when possible.
  • Clean up clutter.
  • Seal cracks and crevices around your home that may provide hiding spots for bed bugs.

For help preventing or eliminating bed bugs, don't hesitate to call on the professionals at Vantage Pest Control. We can get rid of bed bugs and keep them from coming back.

How Dangerous Are Scorpions In Mountains Edge?

Scorpions are predatory arachnids that hunt insects, spiders, and other scorpions. While they are not typically aggressive towards people, scorpions are stinging pests that can inject painful venom. Some local scorpions, like the bark scorpion, pose significant health risks. The venom from these scorpions is extremely painful and can trigger serious, and sometimes even life-threatening, reactions.

No matter what kind of scorpions you have on your property, being startled by a frightened stinging arachnid never enhances your quality of life. You can minimize the risks of these pests on your property by eliminating sources of excess water, clearing out cluttered areas in and around your home, reducing insect activity, and sealing cracks and crevices that could allow scorpions to get inside your home.

The Problems That Come With Pigeons Around Your Mountains Edge Property

So many people are used to putting out birdseed and drawing birds onto their properties, but what happens when bird populations start to get out of hand? Pest birds like pigeons are quickly becoming a dangerous threat to residential and commercial properties alike. You wouldn't think it by looking at them, but birds like pigeons can bring a variety of hazards to your property.

One of the things that makes pests birds a pest is the number of them that can flock to a single location. With a lot of birds come a lot of bird droppings. This can be unsightly, but it can also create a slip hazard and, even more importantly, spread harmful bacteria and diseases. Pigeon droppings can spread histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, psittacosis, and more. They will also contaminate food and can be corrosive to building materials.

At Vantage Pest Control, we provide pigeon exclusion services to Mountains Edge properties and surrounding areas. We can provide you with both an over-the-phone estimate and an in-person inspection. When we come to your property to provide exclusion services, we will inspect the area to determine where pigeons are nesting and, from there, create a custom plan for your approval. There are a variety of places pigeons can roost on your property, including eaves, fireplaces, roofs, vents, solar panels, and windows. And for every place they can roost, we have an exclusion method that is proven to work. We can implement strategies to prevent birds from landing as well as remove existing nests and clean up after former infestations.

Help! I Have Spiders In My Mountains Edge Basement!

There is not much creepier than coming face to face with an unexpected arachnid in a dimly lit basement, and the spiders in Mountains Edge can be anything but friendly. All spiders have fangs and venom they use to incapacitate their prey, and while many local spiders are considered harmless nuisance spiders, some are more dangerous to people and our pets. A bite from a brown or desert recluse or even a black widow spider can result in serious health risks that require prompt medical attention.

If you have spiders in your basement or anywhere else in your Mountains Edge home, you'll want to take steps to get them out and prevent them from returning. The number one reason spiders enter our homes is to hunt the insects that are already there. Prevent spiders and their insect prey with these tips:

  • Eliminate excess water.
  • Make food and trash inaccessible.
  • Seal cracks and crevices in your exterior walls and foundation.
  • Install weatherstripping and door sweeps.
  • Declutter storage areas.
  • Check plants and other items for pests before bringing them inside.
  • Cut branches and overgrown landscaping away from your home's exterior and eliminate brush piles and other debris in the yard.

If you take these steps and you are still having trouble with spiders or other pests around your home, call the local professionals at Vantage Pest Control. We can provide you with reliable and effective pest control to get rid of spiders and keep them from coming back.

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Chad is always punctual with his scheduled time slot visit. Provides updates each visit on if traps have been hit or not. Always provides additional service upon request such as treating an influx of ants. With past exterminator, scorpion sightings were frequent. At this writing and with Chad’s service, they are nonexistent.

Highly recommend Vantage Pest Control!

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