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Does your Spring Valley home need Clark County pest control? If you've lived in this quaint town for any amount of time, you already know the answer.

Spring Valley is more than 218,000 people strong — without counting pest vectors, that is. This Las Vegas bedroom community has been under attack by insects, rodents, and wild animals for a number of years, with termites, bed bugs, and cockroaches at the top of the pack.

Although Spring Valley is a beautiful place to live, play, and work, its enjoyment is significantly impacted by the presence of dangerous pests, something Vantage Pest Control is more than equipped to handle.

Vantage Pest Control is Spring Valley's premier provider of residential and commercial management, offering local pest control services that are specifically designed for life in the area. Our discreet technicians will take great care to evaluate your entire property, delivering results you can count on. Contact Vantage Pest Control today to discuss the plans that may be right for you.

Residential Pest Control In Spring Valley

Households across Spring Valley deserve the residential pest control services of Vantage Pest Control. For many years and counting, our professionals have delivered a seamless experience of prevention, control, and mitigation without sacrificing quality.

With each residential visit you receive, you can expect:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of your property to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities
  • Application of targeted treatments that are designed to protect your individual property
  • The VP Guarantee that covers your entire Spring Valley home

Get started with Vantage Pest Control today and begin residential treatments as soon as possible.

Commercial Pest Control In Spring Valley

Vantage Pest Control is proud to offer comprehensive commercial pest control services for Spring Valley companies large and small. Our team of experts understands how disruptive and dangerous a pest problem can be in the workplace, which is why we'll develop a customized management plan that's designed specifically for your business.

Our commercial pest control process includes:

  • An initial consultation
  • Collaboration to ensure your industry's standards and regulations are met
  • Careful reporting and tracking processes

Begin commercial pest control plans that help rather than hinder your business growth. Get in touch with Vantage Pest Control today to discuss your needs. We look forward to serving you!

A Step-By-Step Guide To Cockroach Control For Spring Valley Property Owners

Roaches are quite simply the most disgusting pests found on Spring Valley properties. Not only are these insects capable of spreading a number of diseases from place to place, but their ability to infiltrate homes and businesses puts human food and water supplies at risk for contamination. The best way to manage cockroaches around Spring Valley properties is to follow a step-by-step approach. This includes:

  • Take pictures of the pests, their colonies, and any infiltrated areas.
  • Carefully remove attractant factors that may have led cockroaches to your home in the first place.
  • Get in touch with the professional control team at Vantage Pest Control.

Get rid of cockroaches in Spring Valley fast with the comprehensive management provided by Vantage Pest Control. Call today to speak with one of our representatives, or book a visit online to discuss quotes and treatment options. We look forward to taking your message at any time during our business hours!

The Trick To Keeping Scorpions Away From Your Spring Valley Property

One of the least desirable parts of living in Spring Valley has to do with scorpion activity. These unique pests are only active in the southwestern part of the United States, putting home and business owners at risk for painful stings.

Due to their widespread natures and sneaky behaviors, it's not possible to get rid of all scorpions in the Spring Valley area. However, there are some easy steps you could take to keep them from infesting in the first place.

First, be mindful of the clutter in your yard. Cut back unruly shrubs, remove puddles of standing water, and eliminate thick vegetation near the sides of the home. Next, you may want to inspect the property for a secondary pest infestation, something that could be attracting scorpions even without your knowledge. Keep an eye out for lots of small insects, rodents, or even lizards. Finally, consider partnering with a professional company like Vantage Pest Control for year-round scorpion control. Not only do we protect home and business owners against dense infestations, but we ensure that these pests never get too close for comfort, regardless of the season!

Get started on scorpion control for Spring Valley with a quick phone call to Vantage Pest Control. Our technicians will be happy to assist you right away.

How Professional Rodent Removal Helps Spring Valley Homeowners

Rodents such as mice and rats are notorious for the problems they cause when they infest residential properties, from making people sick to creating unsightly and sometimes expensive damage. If you have ever dealt with a rodent problem in your Spring Valley home, you know that what makes this pest even worse is how challenging they are to remove.

Instead of trying to get rid of rodents on your own, you can work with our team at Vantage Pest Control. We offer specialty services that specifically focus on rodents. The treatment methods we use will vary depending on your unique situation, which we will determine through a detailed inspection that identifies signs of rodents, where they are nesting, and how they are getting inside.

We may use an assortment of bait stations and traps and perform minor exclusion work such as wire mesh installation, caulking, and netting to keep rodents from returning.

Call us at Vantage Pest Control today!

How You May Be Underestimating Pigeons In Spring Valley

Pigeons are an often underestimated common pest bird in the Spring Valley area, but like other birds, their presence can lead to more problems. Whether they make their way inside your home through the roof or are in your yard, pigeons create an unsafe environment due to the contamination, diseases, and parasites they can spread.

Bird droppings aren't only unsightly; they can be dangerous to your health, spread salmonella and E. coli, and cause damage because of their acidity and corrosiveness. Other damage pigeons can cause include clogging gutters with nests and damaging the home's exterior to get inside.

As you can see, pigeons aren't just annoying birds; they are a hazardous pest problem that should be left to professionals to treat.

For expert bird control, contact Vantage Pest Control. We specialize in pigeon removal and exclusion through custom planning for the properties we service.

When you partner with us for pigeon control, we can install bird spikes, cages, mesh-covering for solar panels, and wire to block eaves. We will also remove nests and can provide clean-up services for droppings. Contact Vantage Pest Control today for assistance with pigeons!

The Trick To Spotting A Bed Bug Problem In Your Spring Valley Home

Did you know you might not be able to tell if there is a bed bug infestation in your home? However, this isn't because they are too small to see, but instead is due to their nocturnal nature, ability to hide in tiny cracks and crevices, and the time lapse before taking blood meals.

To spot a bed bug infestation in your Spring Valley home, look for these signs:

  • Bites that look like small red bumps, usually around the arms, ankles, shoulders, and neck, are the first signs of a bed bug problem.
  • Dark red or rust color staining on your bedding or pajamas can indicate bed bugs.
  • Although you might not see adults immediately, you may see shed skin or nymphs, which look like adults but are smaller.
  • A musty odor around your bed or other areas of your home could be due to bed bugs, and this odor will worsen as the infestation does, but you are likely to see other signs first.

Call us at Vantage Pest Control for bed bug control services! We can treat individual rooms or your entire home, returning one to two weeks after the initial treatment to re-inspect and determine if a follow-up is necessary, which is often the case for bed bugs.

Don't Let Ants Go Marching Into Your Spring Valley House

Once ants have made their way into your home, you could be dealing with an overwhelming number of individuals because they are social pests that live in large colonies. But you can prevent ants from being attracted to your home in the first place by addressing conducive conditions.

The first thing you should do to keep ants out is to seal any entry points. Look for cracks in the foundation, missing screens on windows and doors, gaps around door and window frames, and other openings in the exterior of your home. You should also trim any tree branches touching the outside of your home because this pest can use them as highways to get inside.

After removing entry points, ensure there are no available food sources by keeping kitchens and eating areas clean of crumbs and spills, storing food in air-tight containers, and using garbage cans with tight-fitting lids. Next, address any moisture issues such as leaks or rooms with humidity build-up.

Finally, contact pest control experts for assistance with preventative ant control!

Spring Valley homeowners can call us at Vantage Pest Control whether they have an active ant infestation or want to prevent one from happening; we offer the quality pest control you need for an ant-free home!

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Scott Zuhse

Chad is always punctual with his scheduled time slot visit. Provides updates each visit on if traps have been hit or not. Always provides additional service upon request such as treating an influx of ants. With past exterminator, scorpion sightings were frequent. At this writing and with Chad’s service, they are nonexistent.

Highly recommend Vantage Pest Control!

Scott Zuhse
Talon LLC

Very professional, friendly, local company that cares about their customers. Will continue to refer to my friends, family and other businesses.

Talon LLC
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