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Pest Control In North Las Vegas, Nevada

Many people don't realize how great North Las Vegas is for outdoor activities. There is always something new to explore with dozens of parks, including Aliante Nature Discovery Park.

Unfortunately, sometimes nature can get inside our homes or businesses. And when this happens, they can cause many issues, including, but not limited to, spreading diseases, and parasites, causing contamination and damage, and even attracting other pests. However, the good news is that you can get assistance from the area experts for pest control and prevention.

Vantage Pest Control promises to provide the most reliable, safe, and effective Clark County pest control to the residential and commercial properties in North Las Vegas.

Residential Pest Control In North Las Vegas

Home pest control shouldn't be complicated, and with Vantage Pest Control, it isn't. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to treat active pests in your home or your property and prevent future infestations before they can happen.

Beginning with an inspection, we will identify conducive conditions, signs of pests, and other essential factors to understand your pest problems. After we ID the pests you are experiencing; we will present our findings and the options available to eliminate them. We will treat your property's foundation and perimeter to implement a protective barrier and apply treatments inside as needed.

One of the benefits of our monthly or bi-monthly services is our promise to return and re-treat in-between your scheduled visits if pests are still there. These re-treatments are at no additional cost to you.

Are you dealing with one of these challenging pests, bed bugs, pigeons, mice, rats, or scorpions? You're in luck; we have treatments that specifically target these pests.

Receive dependable pest control when you work with our experts at Vantage Pest Control. Call us to find out how to get started.

Commercial Pest Control In North Las Vegas

Are you currently experiencing pest problems on your commercial property? Or maybe you are looking to get ahead of pests and prevent an infestation from happening. Either way, Vantage Pest Control can assist you.

We offer monthly or bi-monthly reoccurring services for your North Las Vegas business to keep critters out year-round. But before we get to this, we will inspect the interior and exterior of your property. Based on what we find, we will make recommendations for the treatments that will get rid of active pests and prevent new ones from happening.

Get the quality commercial pest control your business deserves by contacting us at Vantage Pest Control.

What You Should Do About Pigeon Problems Around North Las Vegas

If you have pigeons on your property, you may have already seen some of the effects they can have, such as the damage they cause by making nests and leaving droppings everywhere. But you may not realize that they can also cause contamination, spread diseases, and carry parasites.

You can call us at Vantage Pest Control for our bird control treatments to care for your pigeon problems.

Our services control and prevent pigeons using the necessary methods, including exclusion work, nest removal, and dropping clean-up. For exclusion, we use bird netting and spikes and can also provide solar panel caging. And for dropping clean-up, we can use pressure washing if necessary.

But before we implement any treatments, we will first assess your property to get a complete understanding of the issues and figure out the best ways to treat your unique situation,

Don't put up with pigeons on your North Las Vegas property; call Vantage Pest Control for assistance today!

All The Problems Bed Bugs Can Cause In Your North Las Vegas Home

Bed bugs may not spread diseases, but here are the problems bed bugs can cause in North Las Vegas homes:

  • They create a very stressful environment, making it difficult for people to sleep, eat, or participate in daily activities.
  • They can bite people, leaving itchy bumps, leading to secondary infections if scratched too much.
  • In severe cases, bed bugs can lead to anemia in some people.

If you have bed bugs in your home, you shouldn't waste time as the infestation will only worsen; call in professionals immediately to get the quick and effective care you need.

When you call us at Vantage Pest Control, we will set up an inspection to look for bed bugs and inspect bed frames, box springs, mattresses, upholstered furniture, and other typical hot spots. Once we confirm the pest, we can treat single rooms or the whole house using a liquid product, after which we will follow up in one to two weeks.

Contact our expert technicians at Vantage Pest Control to obtain our bed bug control services. We are ready to assist you and return your home to a bed bug-free environment.

  • Maintain your property by keeping foliage cut short, trimming tree branches touching the side of your house, and removing unnecessary debris.

Ant Prevention And Control Tips From North Las Vegas Exterminators

When ants infest, they can become overwhelming because of how large their colonies tend to be, so it's essential to get ahead of this pest and implement prevention around your property.

Here are several ant prevention tips you can easily use on your North Las Vegas property:

  • Remove entry points by sealing cracks in your home's foundation, repairing damaged screens, filling gaps around windows and doors, and other weaknesses in the exterior.
  • Eliminate moisture by repairing leaking pipes and faucets, using dehumidifiers, and removing organic debris from your yard, especially close to the foundation.
  • Keep your home free of food sources by cleaning up crumbs in kitchens and eating areas, using garbage cans with tight-fitting lids, storing food in airtight containers, cleaning up fallen fruit in your yard, and cleaning up pet food and dishes each night.
  • Maintain your property by keeping foliage cut short, trimming tree branches touching the side of your house, and removing unnecessary debris.

These tips will help keep ants away, but if you are already facing an active infestation, you should contact Vantage Pest Control for the most effective ant control solutions.

What North Las Vegas Property Owners Ought To Know About Cockroach Dangers

There are thousands of types of cockroaches, but in Nevada, the most common species are American cockroaches, German cockroaches, and oriental cockroaches.

While cockroaches regularly infest homes in North Las Vegas, not many people know enough about them to protect themselves. The most important thing to note about cockroaches is that they are nearly impossible to eliminate without expert assistance.

Cockroaches are rapid reproducers with a robust immune system, allowing them to build immunity to conventional products so that store-bought products won't be effective against this pest. Trying to get rid of cockroaches without the necessary knowledge and experience will only worsen the infestation as this pest is one of the most challenging to eliminate. And as cockroach infestations grow, they become more dangerous, spreading diseases, causing contamination, and irritating allergies.

Don't waste time attempting to get rid of cockroaches on your own; look to professional pest control services for your cockroach problems. Call Vantage Pest Control today to find out how we can assist with cockroaches.

The Complete Guide For Keeping Rodents Out Of Your North Las Vegas Home

No one wants rodents in their home, but unfortunately, they are a common pest problem for residents in North Las Vegas. But you can keep rodents out of your home by making your property less attractive. You can seal entry points, remove food sources, reduce moisture, and eliminate harborage areas.

Start by sealing entry points such as cracks in your home's foundation and replacing damaged screens. Then, remove food sources, regularly clean your kitchen and eating areas to eliminate crumbs, store food in airtight containers, and make garbage inaccessible.

Continue preventing rodents by reducing moisture in your home using dehumidifiers and fixing ventilation problems. Finally, eliminate harborage areas by keeping your yard and home clutter free and organized, removing organic debris.

Keep rodents out of your home by working with our knowledgeable technicians at Vantage Pest Control. We offer specialty rodent control services that utilize various methods, including baits, traps, and minor exclusion work.

Contact us at Vantage Pest Control to schedule a free inspection and keep your home a rodent-free environment.

The Trick To Keeping Scorpions Away From Your North Las Vegas Property

Food availability is the most apparent reason scorpions have become a problem on residential properties. Because scorpions are predators, they are attracted to places with prey pests. To keep scorpions away from your property, you should focus on reducing conducive conditions for scorpions and prey pests.

We recommend eliminating food sources that attract prey pests by keeping your home clean of food debris, practicing proper food storage, and only using garbage cans on the interior and exterior of your home with tight-fitting lids. You can also make your property less conducive by eliminating organic debris and other sources of moisture, both inside and outside of your home.

You can keep all unwanted critters out of your home by inspecting the exterior of cracks and crevices where they can sneak inside, such as damaged screens, missing weather stripping, uncovered vents and drains, and damage to the foundation and walls. Keeping your home clutter-free and organized is a great way to ensure you eliminate food debris while reducing potential hiding places.

While you should work on implementing these prevention steps in your home, the best way to ensure scorpions don't become a problem is with assistance from pest control experts.

At Vantage Pest Control, our residential pest control services are what you need to keep prey pests and scorpions away from your property. Call today to find out how to get started!

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Scott Zuhse

Chad is always punctual with his scheduled time slot visit. Provides updates each visit on if traps have been hit or not. Always provides additional service upon request such as treating an influx of ants. With past exterminator, scorpion sightings were frequent. At this writing and with Chad’s service, they are nonexistent.

Highly recommend Vantage Pest Control!

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Very professional, friendly, local company that cares about their customers. Will continue to refer to my friends, family and other businesses.

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